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Our security company has a wide range of modern types of communication means of such companies as "MOTOROLA","KENWOOD" that enable us to contact operations desk or other station at any time, from any city point and solve arising problems within the shortest possible time. Professional moveable radio station Motorola GP300 is the most popular portable radio station of Motorola company for today. Due to its highest reliability and maximum ease of operation this model won confidence of professionals all over the world. That is why any guard post irrespective of its location in the city can contact a central station of ASB Security service company.

Main features:

  • Conformance to the military standard MIL-810-C, D, E in terms of  impact resistance, vibration resistance, damp and dust proofness.
  • Full programmability. All parameters that define radio station performance can be programmed from a computer.
  • Tonal and digital subcarriers (PL™ / DPL™) make it possible to separate several groups of users on the same frequency level, therefore reducing their fatigue level and decreasing noise influence.
  • Acoustic signal that warns about low battery makes possible proper use of storage batteries, which extends their service life.
  • Channel-by-channel programmed power output. Power reduction in conditions of reliable reception lowers consumption of battery energy and extends radio station operating time without additional battery recharging.
  • Restriction of transmitting time reduces channel loading, disciplines users.
  • Selection from models with frequency spectrum pitch 12.5 khz and 20/25 khz ensures quick and easy inclusion into existing communications systems.
  • Scanning mode allows for keeping track of activities on several channels eliminating the risk of important messages omission.
  • Prioritized channel scanning makes it possible to query the selected channel more frequently, which minimizes the risk of important information loss.
  • Built-in function VOX engages radio station for voice transmission, which significantly lightens the work of users in conditions when free hands are needed.
  • Transmission inhibit on an occupied channel increases radio communication effectiveness.
  • A display and dialing unit (for models Select-5) allows for integration of your radio station in newly created or existing Select-5 communications systems.
  • Can work as part of communication systems SmarTrunk II™. This requires installation of module SmarTrunk II™. • DTMF keyboard allows for the use of radio station in systems with connection to telephone network, and also for the work in SmarTrunk II™ systems.
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