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Fieldwork and feedbacks

11.03.2008  During patrolling of a guarded area an employee of ООО "ASB" detected penetration of unauthorized persons who attempted to fire a construction trailer where oxygen cylinders for welding works were stored.
The security guard managed to detain one of the penetrators and extinguished fire. The detainee was brought to the local police office.

04.06.2008 A power cable was stolen from the territory of non-metallic minerals plant. In the course of investigative operations ASB employees caught a tractor driver red-handed and passed him over to a local police office.

05.06.2008 During excavation works at a guarded construction site a mine was found from the time of the Great Patriotic War. Security service company employees immediately evacuated personnel, fenced the surrounding area, posted cordon and called mine clearing services.

06.06.2008 At one of the guard site a quarrel happened between site employees, one of the workers pulled an air gun at other participants. As a result of security guards’ actions an air gun was withdrawn, and parties to the conflict were detained and handed over to rapid response team for transportation to a local police office.

07.03.2012 Security service company received an ALARM signal from shop "Prestige" B.Samsonievsky, 39.

Rapid response team arrived to the site and found 9 people in a drunken state who used coarse language, aggressively behave against a cashier and other visitors and broke a showcase. In response to rapid response team comments the violators attacked the security employees and attempted to seize special means. Security operation desk sent additional security forces and called police.

Police officer (though it is 800 meters from a police station number 20) arrived at site in 65 minutes.

Nevertheless security company employees managed to detain four troublemakers that were transported to the police station number 20.


Name: Mikhail
Text: On the 14th of February, about 12:30-13:30, I was driving along Liteiny prospect towards Vladimirsky prospect.
Suddenly I was cut off by BMW 5, the driver opened my door without explanations and began to beat me.

Luckily at this moment a car "Renault Logan" with state number В 665 ВН 178 and your security company logo and number 104 on board was moving by.
A driver of security car was not afraid of the consequences and angriness of BMW driver, he stopped and pulled me off from the BMW driver.
The security officer informed the BMW driver that your security company cooperates with law enforcement agencies and if the driver does not leave immediately, police will be called and all further claims against me will be reported to a police officer and all this discussion will end up at least with administrative penalty. So the BMW driver sat in his car and immediately drove away.
I would like to contact your employee who worked on the 14th of February, the vehicle "Renault Logan", state number В 665 ВН 178 onboard number 104 for acknowledgements.

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