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By speaking about house safety we thereby state that there is a danger for a person in his own house. This is a fact that we have to admit. Thefts, burglaries, crimes aimed at gaining possession of people property in their own houses, penetration into a house for the purpose of violence – this is reality of our life which cannot be ignored.

We all face a danger of becoming a victim of crime, irrespective of our standard of well-being – with higher rate of drug addiction a number of unprepared thefts and senseless assaults is increasing.

In order to prevent a crime, minimize material and property losses and eliminate a threat to the health of house dwellers various security alarm systems have been created.

Home security is a set of measures aimed at safekeeping of person’s property in his house, his personal safety and safety of his family. Electronic security systems -  electronic technical equipment designed for warning about events that pose threat to person’s life and property.

Security service company "ASB" is ready to offer state-of-the-art-type security system.

The system applies radio signal for transmission of alarm signal, thus making unnecessary the use of telephone connection.

This system is constantly conducting selftesting, checking integrity and proper functioning of elements and guard circuit.

Collective security system for residential multicompartment building HOUSEWELL
For housing and operational services

1.Possibility to earn income from additional service for existing clients – protection of apartments against:

  • penetration,
  • breaking-in,
  • fire,
  • water flooding (future consideration)

2.Possibility to control engineering and utility services rooms and communal facilities


1.Low cost of connecting due to division of security system into:

  • Central station for a building
  • Customer premises security equipment

2.High speed of response to alarm signals due to proximity of Rapid response team post
3.Minimum installation time and connection to security control console (taking under guarding during one visit)
For an end consumer
4.Possibility of installation after completion of finishing works in the premises
5.Security system maintenance provides for minimum intervention into customer’s living premises


Customer premises equipment

  • Consists of control and indicating equipment (data collection, processing and transfer to a central station of a building) and consists of wireless sensors system
  • Is central-powered (does not depend on the power supply of the apartment where located)

Central station of a building

Is characterized by several communication channels connected to central surveillance console of security service company (three independent communication channels) which increases probability of alarm signals successful transmission, and therefore increases possibility to lower negative consequences of events caused alarm initialization (penetration, fire, water flooding).

Communication channels between customer premises equipments and central station of building:

  • Are protected, this means that transmitted signals are ciphered and do not allow for unauthorized connection, imitation and filtration of signals by violators
  • Are controlled, this means that channel state is constantly controlled and displayed on the central surveillance console

Wireless point system at a guarded site:

  • Is protected from noise, interference
  • Is protected from grabbing
  • Detects jamming
  • Has low energy consumption (autonomous work of sensors up to 3 years)

These characteristics provide for high stability and reliability of security system operation at a guarded site.


Another variant of radio buttons application is their use as portable alarm buttons. A person who was assaulted, attacked at home, in the street or in a car should press a button and an alarm signal will be transmitted to a Console of  "ASB" Security company with indication of precise location of a person in the city or region.

The nearest mobile crew of armed security guards will immediately respond and drive out. This is of immediate interest of parents who are afraid that there is some danger for their children, businessmen that have unfriendly competitors etc.

The security company also conducts installation of monitoring systems of mobile objects (vehicles) that are connected to universal alarm system and if necessary the engine can be stalled remotely from a mobile phone of the vehicle owner of security desk operator.

Alarm buttons are also installed in vehicles pressing of which also causes respond of security teams. 

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