Fieldwork and feedbacks

Site monitoring

Services of remote video monitoring of objects

Information and
Analytical Department

Information and Analytical Department

Personnel security:

  • Analysis of third parties services quality;
  • Development and drawing up of instructions, recommendations and other technical documentation;
  • Marketing services;
  • Personnel training;
  • Checking of business partners reliability;
  • Representation of interests in state authorities and law enforcement bodies;
  • Management of events to protect from illegal use of trade mark and copy rights;
  • Monitoring of duties performance of employees.

Inspection of premises:

Inspection of premises for unauthorized audio and video information recording

Testing with the use of polygraph:

Testing of an employee suspected of official misconduct resulting in material losses or other consequences.  Employee testing in the course of functional audits for the causes of official misconducts or violations. Initial integrated employment testing of a job applicant. Thorough testing of a promotion candidate or a candidate for reassignment to another position with high level of responsibility. Screening (periodical) testing of a working employee who earlier was tested on polygraph. Psychological testing without polygraph

Deep psychological testing  of employees and employment candidates. Brief psychological testing of employees and employment candidates. Reliability and suitability assessment of employees and employment candidates. Psychological consultancy of managerial personnel with recommendations. Assessment of working team psychological climate, recommendations for its optimization, conflicts forecast in departments, and also correction of psychological interaction of functional structures and departments. 

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